Birthday Love

Thank you, everyone, for all the Birthday Love. A special thank you to Chase and RrR for their kind words, love, and daily support. They are doing their part to keep TR and I safe during these uncertain times and celebrated with us at a distance. 

Social distancing only works if we all participate. This is about protecting others as much as protecting ourselves. Now is the time for us to up our game as a global family. The more we follow the guidelines, the more we protect the person stocking the shelves, delivering the packages, the caregivers, medical professionals. 

We’ve been social distancing for 26 months, although we may not have called it that. One of the biggest lessons that we have recently learned about living in compromised bodies, “We are not here to cure our diseases…our diseases are here to cure us.” -John Yochanan Russell

To minimize the damage from this outbreak, we must flatten the curve. Stay informed, but limit your exposure to news (only so much is helpful). 

Do stuff you love—paint, draw, sing, dance, pray. Stay safe, everyone!

Boulder artist Tom and his wife Donna Roderick at the Broadmoor Hotel celebrating TR's 24 months post surgery milestone.

#gbwy #nofearfriday #movingforwardfearlessly #stayhome#flattenthecure

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